Working in this workspace was incredibly difficult because assignments were given on an hourly basis. Each piece had a tight deadline. This taught me to think on a more macro level when applying a holistic approach to creating  simpler pieces for social media that got to the point and effectively reached my audience.
Above: A holistic diagram made to efficiently transition the new freshman group of senators into a position in which they can more effectively make decisions and create legislation for the university. This was created through analyzing and interviewing for each senator's pain points (100+ hours) and developing a fluid diagram. I am surprised to say that this improved the time of senate meetings from 7 hours a week to 2 hours a week.
Examples of social media posts that were developed to inform the student body, working with highly funded scholarship programs, student organization committee leaders, student government ambassadors, outreach directors, and inclusion directors.
Merchandise I was developing for the organization also included an SGA branded water bottle and umbrellas (to pass out on a rainy day) for the student body.
I also redid the SGA logo, the original being the first logo in the top left.
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